ChatGPT in education


Aktay Sayim, Gök Seçkin, Uzunoğlu Dilşat (2023). ChatGPT in Education. Tay Journal, Doi: 10.29329/tayjournal.2023.543.03 (CV No: 8342613) 

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The aim of this study is to reveal students' thoughts on the use of ChatGPT in education. Therefore, the study was designed and conducted according to a qualitative research method. Data was collected through semistructured interviews. The study group of the research consisted of voluntary students from one of the 4th grade classes of a public school in Türkiye. An interview form was developed and used as the data collection tool. The obtained data was analyzed using the content analysis method. Based on the results, it was observed that the students found the use of ChatGPT in teaching to be engaging and enjoyable. Moreover, incorporating artificial intelligence in teaching was found to promote academic achievement and offer a greater amount of information compared to conventional printed resources such as textbooks. Additionally, ChatGPT was perceived to provide accurate, prompt, and clear responses to queries posed by students. The students expressed their recommendation to use ChatGPT in studying other subjects like social studies, mathematics, and Turkish, as it is a valuable tool for enhancing academic success and expanding access to information.