Web Based Portfolio (Webfolio) Application in Primary Education


Aktay, S. (2019).  İlköğretimde Web Tabanlı Portfolyo (Webfolyo) Uygulaması. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

The aim of this study is to determine the applicability of webfolio system in primary schools. The study has been conducted in a 4th level classroom in a primary school in Eskisehir in Turkey in spring term in 2008-2009 academic year. The students created their webfolios in Science and Technology, Mathematics, Social Studies and Turkish courses. Naturalistic Inquiry method, one of the qualitative methods, was used in the study. The data of the study is consisted of semi-structured interviews, student webfolios, teacher assignments, and digital data of teachers and students in webfolio system. Content analysis and document analysis methods were used to analyze the data.

Findings of the study are as follows:

·         The teacher believed that webfolio system is useful and there is no negative side of webfolio system.

·         The teacher believes that, webfolio system is easy to share, user friendly, easy to reach. Also, the teacher thinks that webfolio system provides effective peer assessment.

·         The teacher believes that webfolio system is secure and long lasting. According to the teacher webfolios dont get lost.

·         The teacher thinks that webfolio system is better than paper based portfolios in terms of security, easiness of sharing and reaching. Webfolio system provides critical thinking, and saves users from physical space problem of paper based portfolios.

·         All of the students believe that webfolio system is good.

·         Students believe that webfolio system is easy to share and it provides effective peer assessment. Also it is safe and fun, and facilitates cooperation between students.

·         Most of the student webfolios have readability, originality, up to datedness, and have enough media use. However, they mostly are not systematic.

·         Teacher assignments are readable, clear and don’t have mistypes. Students’ finishing of webfolios is important for the teacher. The teacher suggested course book and internet mostly as a source.

·         Students could use basic features in webfolio editor like formatting text, adding picture, adding table. However they cannot use some feature like adding videos or flash content.

·         Most of the students used peer assessment system and received feedbacks from their friends.

·         Most of the students created their personal web pages. Students’ interests and pictures are the contents students used in their web pages.

·        Teacher helped teacher who used question system in webfolio system.